Join UCLA DH for a workshop on the internet of things!

Photo by MadLab Manchester Digital Laboratory.

Curious about Arduino, physical computing, or the internet of things? Join the DH program for a workshop and demo with Professor Stephen Mamber (Film and Television).

Thursday, January 29, from 3 to 4 p.m.
UCLA Young Research Library Laboratory for Digital Cultural Heritage (in the Research Commons)

Does the Internet of Things have relevance to the Digital Humanities?  I’m interested in seeing what possible interest there might be in having a working group and/or class explore ways that using microcomputers might lead to some projects in this area.  I’ve gotten hold of some Internet Galileos (an arduino-compatible board with built-in ethernet) and some nice sensor kits, and in this workshop I thought I could demonstrate how they work, and we could have a discussion about setting up ways for us to go further.

Everyone’s welcome — especially beginners!

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